Preparing to Grow

               Some growth just kind of happens.  When we are young we don’t have to worry much about it; just feed us, give us a place to live, let us move, and sleep and it just happens.  In other areas, life, experience, the people we hang around with, and the information we get shapes and forms us with little or no effort.  Whether it is in a positive or negative direction, it just kind of happens.  When it is positive that is a sweet deal; when it’s negative, we pay a price.

               It is good that not all growth requires effort, because that would wear us all out.  However, to be our best and to do the great work we were put here to do is going to require effort.  No one becomes great without some conscious, disciplined practice and training.  Natural ability will and should guide what we do and will take us so far, but to excel takes effort.

               The next few posts I’m going to give you some of the most important principles and practices I’ve learned through the years in how to develop yourself in just minutes a day (and I’m not being cute here by meaning 400 minutes per day.  Don’t you just love it when you hear you can get something “pennies on the dollar” and it ends up being 80 or 90 cents per dollar?)

               I am writing a book on How to Develop Yourself in Minutes a Day and I want to share some of the material with you ahead of time because it has really helped me and many others and I want it to help you to.

               My goal is to post here two to three times a week, so please check in as I get back into this blogging thing.  Be really, really, really encouraged because powerful and dramatic growth, change, and development is very, very doable.

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