Two Essential Beliefs of all Great Leader/Achievers (Part 1)

               There are two foundational ideas or realizations you need to have as far as personal development, leadership, and achievement goes.

         Here is the first one:

You do not have what it takes to be great at everything.  You do have what it takes to be great at what you were put here to do.

                  Let me say that again: You do not have what it takes to be great at everything but you do have what it takes to be great at what God put you here to do.

                  Those words should help you feel liberated.  You already know there are some areas of life you are never going to be great at, so feel free to get out from under the crushing pressure of focusing your energies there. Don’t concentrate all your effort trying to build your life on a constant area of weakness or limitation.  No one, including you can be great at everything.  You do; however, have amazing strengths, gifts, and abilities packaged in a very unique way.  They are not fully developed because as long as you live, you can and should keep improving, changing, and getting better; but those strengths are there.  Those strengths are what you should build your work and service on.

                 There is a balance here, though, isn’t there?  “Build on my strengths”; that’s right.  “Don’t spend all my time trying to develop areas of little talent”; that’s right.  “But even in my areas of giftedness and calling, I have weaknesses that need to be developed and improved upon in order for me to lead and achieve well.”  That is the balance.  In our areas of responsibility, calling, and giftedness we are to work on development.  Even within our areas of strength, there are aspects of lack which we all have.  If we can improve in these areas, and we can, then our levels of leadership and achievement will keep rising.

                   The second key idea or realization we need to have is this:

 You do have what it takes to grow, change, and develop in your area of giftedness and calling.

                   Take just a moment and read that again, also.  The research and experience that statement is based upon is overwhelmingly encouraging. I know every single leader/achiever can make incredible changes in their lives and leadership.  YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU CAN CHANGE because, even though it is very doable, it is often uncomfortable for a time and often, does not happen as quickly as we would like.  Sometimes, when we are working on adding a needed skill or character trait, we wonder if we can actually make the change that is needed.  Again, you really do already have what it takes to change and do all you were put here to do.

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