Taking Away Fear and Overwhelm about Leadership (Part 1)

The subject of leadership is so HUGE it can easily be overwhelming. Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the subject of leadership. Why? Leadership has hundreds if not thousands of components to it. That is why John Maxwell alone can write books with 21 laws, 17 laws, 15 principles, and each of those laws/principles has sub-points and the sub-points have sub-points. And He just keeps writing more and more books. Even though he is one of the premier leadership experts in the world, all those books, CD’s, and DVD’s he produces are just the thoughts of ONE man. There are many others who regularly create and distribute fresh content on various aspects of leadership as well. I have to admit, I love to read about leadership, achievement, personal development, spiritual development, and success. I buy those books, listen to those talks, attend those conferences, and probably always will. But exactly because leadership is the most important human factor in achievement, because there are so many nuances to it, and because times, cultures, and values change, we will continue to need fresh perspectives on the subject.
The problem is when the brain is overwhelmed it goes into shut down mode. It is a fact that when people are given too much information, too much stress, too much food, water or any other outside stimulus, the brain or body will shut down and even begin to reject what is overwhelming it. That is why giving people too much information or requiring too much from them often makes them worse rather than better. The right amount of information and challenge energizes and invigorates, however. That is why getting a clear, memorable, definition and description of any important subject, like leadership is so important. Especially for the majority, who already have a fear of being in a leadership position.
The majority of any population wants to be led by caring, competent, courageous leaders. But for any movement, business, or organization to become all it could be; those very people need to learn how to lead and lead well. Even what is known as a solopreneur, those running their own businesses without employees cannot do it by themselves. There is simply too much involved in running a business these days. That means EVERYONE needs to learn how to lead, at a minimum, a small group. For the majority, learning to lead a small group or team is all they will ever need to do and EVERYONE can learn to do that. I have often said, the fact that God designed us to live in families means everyone can learn to lead. As a matter of fact, leading a family well is much more challenging than leading a team well; you get to take a break from your team. But most people do not realize this and especially these days, most are having trouble leading even their families well. But they can learn it and must learn it if we are going to see the positive changes in the world that we all long to see.
So let me ask you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of leading?
Or, if you are already in a leadership position, are you making initial leadership roles too complicated for your team or are you making it doable for them?

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