Turning Problems into Possibilities

fresh ideas

fresh ideas

To succeed as an entrepreneurial type leader means being able to turn problems into possibilities and profit.

Business Leadership is About Solving Problems

Every product or service is created or exists in order to help someone’s problem.  If a person can solve their problem themselves, they do not need you.

A company hires employees to solve problems and clients hire companies to do the same.

It has been said that if you want to increase business ask yourself, “how can I add value to my customer?”  “What problems do they have that keep them up at night?”  “How can I help them with that?”

If you can come up with the solutions they KNOW they need that opens doors to talk to them about other problems they might not yet be aware of.

Improving Your Creativity

To come up with fresh solutions there are 3 proven steps that work:

1. Study and think hard about the problem.  Discuss it, brainstorm, and sweat over solving it.

2. Step back from the challenge.  Go for a walk, take a shower, pray, or exercise.  All of these have proven to be great creativity boosters.  Once you have given your brain needed info and step back, your subconscious brain will work at making connections that will come up with new solutions.  Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is merely connecting things.”  That is what your subconscious or “bottom brain” will do with the info you have fed it.

3. Get a fresh idea that you can then discuss and work on with your team to improve on it and develop it.

Problems are the lifeblood of your business.  Turn them into possibilities and you can increase your impact in the world and your income as you do so.

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