About Mark

Mark Furlong, Purpose and Plan Coaching

To advance to the highest levels possible in your life and career, continually improving your leadership skills is an essential.  Once you have basic knowledge and skills regarding your fields of interest, how you lead yourself and others determines how great your impact will be, and most likely your income as well.  To go higher, to increase your influence, and to build a life you really want to live; leading yourself and others makes all the difference.

Especially in our rapidly changing world, being able to think and lead with entrepreneurial/creative skills is becoming a requirement.  While tried and true principles still stand, being able to use those principles to develop on-target solutions and solve key problems will open more opportunities than ever before.  The great news is you can continually improve your entrepreneurial leadership skills in a very doable way.  By breaking down leadership essentials to their most basic and fundamental levels, mastering those, then progressively adding knowledge and skills you can keep raising the lid of performance and see powerful changes happen around you.

I know the pressures leaders face.  I understand what it is like to struggle over which strategy to implement,  how to build strong and thriving teams, how to manage your own emotions and responses,  how to communicate vision, how to keep things on track, and how to manage people and projects.   Having worked alongside CEO’s, project managers, mega-church and small church pastors, I know the qualities, skills, and resources leaders need to be successful.

At Grace Church I was privileged to build the small groups ministry from 80 groups with 800 participants to 220 groups with 2200 participants in 5 years.  To do that included developing and implementing a doable strategy, communicating vision, training, providing a coaching system, and helping each leader find the best place for their service.  I understand what it takes to lead a group of 10 people, 50, 100, or thousands in way that energizes rather than exhausts.

The last years I have worked one-on-one as well as in group settings with budding entrepreneurs as well as seasoned leaders in continually raising the level of their influence and producing desired changes.  Leaders change the world and I love to help influencers be the very best they can be.

I agree with leadership legends Jim Collins and Peter Drucker that there is a great overlap of business and ministry leadership principles.  There are some differences, but I believe 80% of all leadership principles apply in every setting.  As a result I have studied the best leadership, personal development, team building, and organization success books on the market for decades, and continue to do so.  I then try them out so I understand them first-hand.  Knowledge, combined with the right balance of experimentation and experience produce some often surprising and powerful results.  Having worked alongside great business leaders, I have now expanded my reach to support business leaders in building profitable, productive, people-energizing, and peace-of-mind businesses.  From personal experience, I know how difficult it is to do this alone and how powerful it can be to have the right person giving “you” focused feeback, information, and input.

I believe God put us here to do something significant and becoming a great leader, no matter what our personality or style, is key to that happening.  Eleven years starting and building organizations in Europe, plus 20 years of implementing strategies, structures, steps, and skills to develop leaders of smaller teams as well as leaders at mid-management and upper management levels has been my privilege and calling.

The world needs great businesses, organizations, and ministries now more than ever.  I would love to support you in becoming the best you can be and building the best organization possible to impact the world for good.  As you grow, so can your impact, income, and independence so you live the life you really desire.

Please contact me for a free strategy session in how you can increase your impact, influence, and income in a way that fits you perfectly.  314-307-5406.