The Most Important Human Factor in Changing Things

The most important human factor in the success or failure of anything is leadership. Leadership is not more important or powerful than God’s intervention in human affairs, when He steps in no one has the power to stop it. However, as far as what humans do, leadership is the most important factor in how well any individual, group, team, business, church, or any other organization does. Every year … [Read more...]

How to Build Authentic Authority as a Leader (Part 2)

(This is part 2 of a 3 part series.) To lead well, we need to be the type of leader people want to work with and follow. We need to build authentic authority. In part 1, we looked at how authority needs to equal responsibility to be effective and how trust is one of the foundations of leadership authority. We’ll continue here with the next component. Respect. All of us look for examples, … [Read more...]

How to Build Authentic Authority as a Leader (part 1)

I know, “authority” is a bad word to some people. As long as there have been people there has been that undercurrent, that mistrust of authority. As far back as we have written records the tension between people needing and desiring leadership and being mistrustful and resentful of it has been common. Nothing gets done without leadership, there can be no leadership without some measure of … [Read more...]

The Two Greatest Traits of Successful Salespeople in 2013 and Beyond

When most people are asked to describe salespeople what words come to mind? In his book To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink did research on that very question. Out of the 25 words used most often to describe sales, were the words “Pushy, yuck, difficult, hard, and ugh.” Those are not very positive words and pretty discouraging if your work involves any type of sales. Throughout the book, Pink succeeds … [Read more...]

I’m Convinced, It is Human to Sell

(This article is based on information found in Daniel Pink's recent release It's Human to Sell) I have a few confessions to make. 1. I am an introvert. I’m not a hide in the corner, never make eye-contact introvert but being with people too much and meeting new people all the time wears me out more than energizes me. On a scale of 1-7 (1 = extreme introvert, 7 = life of the party) I am probably … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Leadership

The subject of leadership is so HUGE it can easily be overwhelming. When the brain is overwhelmed it goes into shut down mode. That is why giving people too much information or requiring too much from them often makes them do worse rather than better. The right amount of information and challenge energizes and invigorates, however. That is why getting a clear, memorable, definition and … [Read more...]

The Power of Preparation

Any start-up requires a period of preparation. Whether it is a business, a church, or a new personal or organizational project, we need to get ready for it. Sure, there are emergency times when we don’t have a lot of time to think and an immediate response is required, but even then, the preparations we have or have not made prior to that emergency will determine to a great degree how effective … [Read more...]

Winning the Inner Battles

When the academy award winning film Gladiator came out my teen-age sons and I went to see it and LOVED it! Sure, there were a lot of heads flying off as Russell Crowe vanquished one foe after another; but as cool as that was for testosterone driven guys, it really wasn’t about that. It was about courage, faith, and justice. Even though Maximus (Russell Crowe’s character) was a courageous, … [Read more...]

Can YOU really do your dream?

Can I really do my dream? That’s the question that haunts over 95% of us. I know, it seems there are a few, probably less than 5%, who have no doubt they can do it. But let’s say for 95% to 98% of us, we battle significant doubts. (If you are one of those 2%, you might want to read this to know what the rest of us are dealing with.) Let’s look at why we doubt and what to do about it. Why do … [Read more...]

How to Get a Better, Clearer Dream

Achievement experts tell us to dream. I agree; dreaming is essential to real living and high achieving. They also tell us to get clear on what our dream is by looking within to determine our passion. I also agree that looking within is really important to determine the dream we should follow. But here is where, I think, most of the experts fall short. It is way too easy to just look within … [Read more...]