Lessons from the Leak

A couple of weeks ago our shower began having trouble. Even when we turned it off, water kept coming out of the shower head. I called a plumber I knew, who had done good work at a good price for me before, to come out and take a look at it. One of his associates came and told us it would cost $1800 to repair. Shock, shock, shock. We thought it would be a couple hundred dollars, not the price of an … [Read more...]


Welcome to Purpose and Plan Coaching.com! Purpose and Plan Coaching is the work of certified Life and Leadership Coach Mark Furlong. "My mission is to help individuals, churches, and organizations fulfill their purpose.  When we are doing what we are put here to do, everyone wins.  I help by providing relevant, tested educational tools and venues, personal coaching, and  on-target consulting.  I … [Read more...]