Turning Problems into Possibilities

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To succeed as an entrepreneurial type leader means being able to turn problems into possibilities and profit. Business Leadership is About Solving Problems Every product or service is created or exists in order to help someone's problem.  If a person can solve their problem themselves, they do not need you. A company hires employees to solve problems and clients hire companies to do the … [Read more...]

The Impact, Income Overlap

I come from a Christian ministry background and am still very involved in helping others connect more deeply with God and live out their unique, God-given purposes (if you’re interested in knowing more about that check out www.TruVineMission.com).  I know that often the pastors, churches, and tele-evangelists who are more interested in getting money than helping people get the most press, but I … [Read more...]

Increase Your Impact, Income, and Independence Following Your Passion

According to a 2010 Gallup Management Poll, only 20-30% of the workforce are engaged in their work.  That supports other studies I've read indicating that 70-80% of our population either tolerates or hates their job.  Some of that is because so many corporations barely try to treat their employees well.  That means those that do really stand out.  But an even bigger reason is that so many have … [Read more...]

Leadership skills that Increase Impact and Income (Part 1)

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share with you some great ways to increase both your impact on the world and your income.  Just to give you a heads up, I am not a natural at this.  I, too, am learning as I go but I am making good progress and I know you can too.  In the coming days I'm going to share with you some of the most important lessons I've learned in increasing entrepreneurial … [Read more...]

The Two Most Important Success Qualities

After studying and experimenting with many of the needed success principles and practices for over thirty years, I’ve come to this conclusion, the two most important qualities any person needs to be successful in their life and calling are:   Commitment to learn. Commitment to action.  Committed learners and doers will ultimately be successful in what they are called to do.             I know, … [Read more...]

Leadership- Making Ideas Happen, Part II

 Author Scott Belzky makes some great points on the tension and cooperation needed for productivity.  “The reality is that creative environments—and the creative psyche itself—are not conducive to organization…Nevertheless, organization is the guiding force of productivity; if you want to make an idea happen, you need to have a process to do so.” (p. 24)                 “The most important, and … [Read more...]

Why the Hassle of Small Groups?

I have been working with small groups for over 20 years in Europe and the United States.  Every now and then I think, “this is such a hassle, why don’t we just drop this and do big groups!”  It takes a lot of work to develop training, steps for growth, getting people connected, developing leaders, helping them stay fresh as leaders, get feedback, work with people’s busy schedules….The truth is, … [Read more...]