The Best Business Leadership Book

               Quality thinking is essential for excellence in work and business. Quality thinking is impacted greatly by quality books and materials. I know there are brilliant, creative thought leaders out there, but even those on the far right end of the bell curve are impacted by quality books. I cannot tell you how much my life has been enriched and my understanding expanded and strengthened … [Read more...]

Top Achievement and Effectiveness from Peter Drucker

               Jim Collins said he considered Peter Drucker the most influential thought leader of the last part of the 20th century.  Here are a few words from Mr. Drucker on how to be really effective in life and work.  There are just a few paragraphs here but they are loaded with powerful truths.  Enjoy.                The effective person focuses on contribution.  He looks up from his work and … [Read more...]

The #1 Factor in Development and Change

               Thankfully a lot of change happens without great conscious effort.  How many of us had the mostly negative experience of having a relatively unknown aunt pinch our cheek after not seeing us for several years, shaking it and saying, “My, you have grown so much.”  I say mostly negative because, true it never felt good having those old hands lock onto our cheek and shake it around; … [Read more...]

Two Essential Beliefs of all Great Leader/Achievers (Part 1)

               There are two foundational ideas or realizations you need to have as far as personal development, leadership, and achievement goes.          Here is the first one: You do not have what it takes to be great at everything.  You do have what it takes to be great at what you were put here to do.                   Let me say that again: You do not have what it takes to be great at … [Read more...]

The Core of Achievement and Leadership

The Core             All great leader/achievers exhibit certain traits and take certain actions.  The way I describe and remember it is: Dream It, Design It, Do It, Direct It (work with others). As a matter of fact, I am writing a series of short books on each of those topics because if I can help people do those things well, lives will be impacted and the world can get better.  But at the core of … [Read more...]

Preparing to Grow

               Some growth just kind of happens.  When we are young we don't have to worry much about it; just feed us, give us a place to live, let us move, and sleep and it just happens.  In other areas, life, experience, the people we hang around with, and the information we get shapes and forms us with little or no effort.  Whether it is in a positive or negative direction, it just kind of … [Read more...]

How Should I See Myself?

            At different times in my life I have heard the following words: “You are a great example.”  “You are such a jerk.”  “You are a really good speaker.”  “I usually leave when you speak.”  “You are a really good leader.”  “You are a lousy leader.”  “You have a lot of wisdom.”  “You are so stupid.”  I do not know for sure if you have heard such varying opinions of yourself, but if you are … [Read more...]

The Starting Point for Great Achievement

               As I look back over my life thus far, I see times where I have had good to great successes and times where I have really failed.  John Maxwell and others have said, “Failure is the price of success”, so as long as I do not see failure as final I can still experience some big victories and successes in the future.  Becoming a great achiever involves many things: personal growth, … [Read more...]

Making Ideas Happen-Prioritization

Here are Scott Belzky’s key thoughts on how to manage your energy across life’s projects. Key Principles: Keep an eye on your energy line Reconcile Urgent vs. Important Prioritize.  “How can you maintain long-term objectives rather than suffer at the mercy  of urgent tasks?  It is called prioritization.  And to prioritize you must become more disciplined and use methods that prompt … [Read more...]

Making Ideas Happen, III

Here are some more great quotes from Scott Belzky on how to turn ideas into reality.  The focus today is on “Action Steps.” “Brainstorming should start with a question and the goal of capturing something specific, relevant, and actionable.” “A relentless bias toward action pushes ideas forward.  For each idea, you must capture and highlight your “Action Steps.” “Stuff that is actionable must be … [Read more...]