Leadership- Making Ideas Happen, Part II

 Author Scott Belzky makes some great points on the tension and cooperation needed for productivity.  “The reality is that creative environments—and the creative psyche itself—are not conducive to organization…Nevertheless, organization is the guiding force of productivity; if you want to make an idea happen, you need to have a process to do so.” (p. 24)                 “The most important, and … [Read more...]

Productive Leadership – Making Ideas Happen

Leadership – Making Ideas Happen                 A few months ago I read an excellent book by Scott Belzky entitled Making Ideas Happen. Scott Belzky has a company that works mainly with creative people and companies in turning their creativity into reality.  If you are the type of leader who wants to keep expanding , growing, and  helping people develop and do good ideas, this book should be very … [Read more...]