Do you want to improve your quality of work and leadership?  Do you want to accomplish more, help your team perform better, service your clients and members in a way that makes them raving fans?  In 30 years of helping individuals and organizations improve their performance and impact, I have learned some proven principles and practices to reach those goals and more.  I have put these together in training and coaching programs that can be used in a variety of settings.

The 3I Business for Beginners

Increase Your Impact, Income, and Independence Doing What You Love

Are you part of the 70-80% of our population who either tolerate or hate their job? Do you want to make a significant difference in the world, but just don’t seem to gain traction in doing so? Do you long for the personal and financial freedom to be able to live the life you really want? Do you want to add part or full-
time income doing what you love?

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How to Write and Publish Your First Digital Book (while working a full-time job)

The power of the written word is incredible. Written words have literally changed lives and changed the world. And now, because of digital technology, you can write and publish your book without having to fight your way in to meet with a publisher and then get pennies on the dollar for your hard work. In today’s world, with very little financial cost, you can write and publish your book. You can help people with your knowledge, expand your influence, and earn more income with your words.

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