Knowledge is essential for long-term, lasting success.  The more knowledge we gain, the greater our effectiveness.  How often have we said, “If only I had known that then”?  Knowledge helps us make better decisions, frees us from negative influences, increases power, and lets us help more people.

Worksheets For Powerful Personal Development

Overview And Planning Worksheet

Priority Planning

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  • Information only.  Getting the right information can change your leadership and life; it has mine. Many start here and some stay here.  At this level you are simply getting my take on different leadership subjects and given some tools you can work with on your own.  Once a month audio and worksheets, 4-week classes, audio series, books, e-books, written programs, seminars, or workshops. There are 4 categories:

Exploring: You are looking into stepping into a leadership position and you want to know what is involved and if you can do it.

Emerging: You are definitely starting in a leadership position and you want to know what to do, what to avoid, and what to keep in mind as you start.

Enduring: You are in a leadership position but you are not at all satisfied with what is going on.  You want some answers and help in moving from surviving to thriving.

Excelling: You are doing great but you want to stay at the top of your game and want some help thinking through the best use of your time and energy looking towards the future.

  • Coaching.  Coaching is the process of helping someone bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to go.  It is one of the most powerful change processes I have ever experienced, if done well.  I do one-on-one and group coaching.

Specific Coaching Steps: There are five main phases I go through with clients.  How fast we go through them and how thorough we need to be depends on your specific situation.

  1. Discover.  All effective coaching starts here.  If a coach does not start at this place with you, find another coach.  Discovery includes getting clear on your leadership position, dreams, purpose, talents, leadership style, work style, experience, and current reality.
  2. Define.  We then write down in very clear statements your purpose, principles, and priorities.  These statements will be used helping you make aligned decisions.  This gives great clarity on what to say yes to and what to say no to and has proven to be invaluable in improving your leadership quality.
  3. Design.  This is where we come up with a specific plan of action based on your defined purpose, principles, and priorities.  We look at key areas of your leadership and what should be done in each one of them.
  4. Do.  As valuable as having clarity on what to do is, actually taking action is even more important.  The best plans in the world are useless unless acted upon.  This is where even the most successful leaders need the support, encouragement, and accountability of a coach.  Knowing there is someone in your corner who will hold you accountable to do what you know you need to and helps you work through the obstacles is worth its weight in gold.
  5. Determine.  Constant assessment and necessary adjustments are needed for on-going progress and success.  At this stage, we talk through what is working, what is not, and what should be done about it.  No plan can foresee everything and many things only become clear as we do them.


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Monthly Teaching & Coaching Worksheets… $20

4 Week Audio Classes, Notes & Worksheets… $80

E-books… $1.99-3.99


Basic: Two 40 minute sessions per month

  1. Combined with monthly teaching or four week class or e-book…$180
  1. Coaching without materials info materials… $225

Rapid Results: Four 30 minute sessions per month, email support, 1 weekly stay on track call between coaching calls.

  1. Combined with monthly teaching, class, or e-book… $300
  2. Coaching sessions without materials… $425

Students, Small Churches or Start-Ups: Two 40 minute sessions per month

  1. Monthly Teaching & Coaching Worksheets… $10
  2. 4 Week Audio Classes, Notes & Worksheets… $40
  3. E-books… $1.99-3.99
  4. Combined with monthly teaching, class, or e-book… $100
  5. Coaching sessions without info materials… $125