How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Everyone has something they would like to change but have trouble doing so. It can be individually or corporately, but all of us want to make changes.  The last few months I’ve read 3 great books on research-based change practices that have worked in a variety of settings.  I’ve found them well studied and presented and have added some great tools to my “change” tool box. In this article I want … [Read more...]

The Identity and Change Connection

I can’t remember where I first read it, otherwise I would give that source credit, but I’ve heard and read this phrase numerous times over the years, “It is impossible for a person to consistently act in a way that is contrary to how they see themselves.”  I know that many motivational and spiritual growth speakers, like Zig Ziglar, have taught that if you see yourself as a winner then you’ll act … [Read more...]

Raising the Change Lid

I think every day, maybe a little more or a little less, I read or hear someone’s story about how they were struggling along in life, health, business, relationships, or with God and then something happened that changed things around for them.  I know you hear those stories, too.  Sure, some of them are made up or are just too good to be true.  But many of them are valid.  People can turn things … [Read more...]

Two Steps to Implementing What You’ve Heard

How many seminar binders do you have on your shelf? How many training notes do you have in your computer? How much of what you have read, seen, or heard are you actually implementing? If you are like most of the world, even the professional world, it is a small percentage. This week I read an article from the Harvard Business Review that said even after all the years of research on learning … [Read more...]

Preparing to Grow

               Some growth just kind of happens.  When we are young we don't have to worry much about it; just feed us, give us a place to live, let us move, and sleep and it just happens.  In other areas, life, experience, the people we hang around with, and the information we get shapes and forms us with little or no effort.  Whether it is in a positive or negative direction, it just kind of … [Read more...]