Discovering Your Purpose, Part V

It is a process, embrace it. There is more than one aspect of purpose, think comprehensively. There is a unique purpose for you, celebrate it. You need outside perspective, get it. Build on a big, broad foundation. Everything solid needs a foundation to stand on.  The bigger the building the deeper, broader, and stronger the foundation must be.  The bigger the tree, the deeper the roots need to … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Purpose-Part IV

                So far we’ve looked at 3 things you need to know about purpose discovery: It is a process, so embrace it. There is more than one aspect of life, so think comprehensively. Your path will be unique to you, so celebrate it. You will need outside input, so get it.  #4 is what we will cover today; getting help from other people.  As important as it is to be true to ourselves, to be … [Read more...]