Essentials of a Great Small Group

Every small group will have its own style and flavor, but there are some basics that need to be in any small group for it to be effective.  If small group leaders get clear on these, it will go a long way towards developing a great small group.  The more great small groups a church has, the healthier the church will become.  Here are 4 essentials: A clear picture of the big goal.  Jesus told us … [Read more...]

Why the Hassle of Small Groups?

I have been working with small groups for over 20 years in Europe and the United States.  Every now and then I think, “this is such a hassle, why don’t we just drop this and do big groups!”  It takes a lot of work to develop training, steps for growth, getting people connected, developing leaders, helping them stay fresh as leaders, get feedback, work with people’s busy schedules….The truth is, … [Read more...]

Why First

Every organization develops a vision or purpose statement. The question; "Why does this organization exist?" must be answered before the other questions can be. "What should be done? How will we do it? Who will do it? When will it be done?",cannot be successfully answered until the "why" question is. The vision and mission statement lay the foundation for all future endeavors. That is why no one … [Read more...]