The #1 Factor in Development and Change

               Thankfully a lot of change happens without great conscious effort.  How many of us had the mostly negative experience of having a relatively unknown aunt pinch our cheek after not seeing us for several years, shaking it and saying, “My, you have grown so much.”  I say mostly negative because, true it never felt good having those old hands lock onto our cheek and shake it around; … [Read more...]

Two Essential Beliefs of all Great Leader/Achievers (Part 1)

               There are two foundational ideas or realizations you need to have as far as personal development, leadership, and achievement goes.          Here is the first one: You do not have what it takes to be great at everything.  You do have what it takes to be great at what you were put here to do.                   Let me say that again: You do not have what it takes to be great at … [Read more...]

The Core of Achievement and Leadership

The Core             All great leader/achievers exhibit certain traits and take certain actions.  The way I describe and remember it is: Dream It, Design It, Do It, Direct It (work with others). As a matter of fact, I am writing a series of short books on each of those topics because if I can help people do those things well, lives will be impacted and the world can get better.  But at the core of … [Read more...]

Hitting the “Start Up Wall”

               I am in the process of starting a new phase of life with a new focus.  Like most new things, there is both excitement and fear.  The feelings of "this could be great" along with "what if it does not work", hits us all when we embark on a new journey.  One thing I have freshly realized is, it sure is a lot easier when you have someone walking with you that has already been where you … [Read more...]

Leadership- Making Ideas Happen, Part II

 Author Scott Belzky makes some great points on the tension and cooperation needed for productivity.  “The reality is that creative environments—and the creative psyche itself—are not conducive to organization…Nevertheless, organization is the guiding force of productivity; if you want to make an idea happen, you need to have a process to do so.” (p. 24)                 “The most important, and … [Read more...]

Productive Leadership – Making Ideas Happen

Leadership – Making Ideas Happen                 A few months ago I read an excellent book by Scott Belzky entitled Making Ideas Happen. Scott Belzky has a company that works mainly with creative people and companies in turning their creativity into reality.  If you are the type of leader who wants to keep expanding , growing, and  helping people develop and do good ideas, this book should be very … [Read more...]