How Should I See Myself?

            At different times in my life I have heard the following words: “You are a great example.”  “You are such a jerk.”  “You are a really good speaker.”  “I usually leave when you speak.”  “You are a really good leader.”  “You are a lousy leader.”  “You have a lot of wisdom.”  “You are so stupid.”  I do not know for sure if you have heard such varying opinions of yourself, but if you are … [Read more...]

The Starting Point for Great Achievement

               As I look back over my life thus far, I see times where I have had good to great successes and times where I have really failed.  John Maxwell and others have said, “Failure is the price of success”, so as long as I do not see failure as final I can still experience some big victories and successes in the future.  Becoming a great achiever involves many things: personal growth, … [Read more...]