Hitting the “Start Up Wall”

               I am in the process of starting a new phase of life with a new focus.  Like most new things, there is both excitement and fear.  The feelings of "this could be great" along with "what if it does not work", hits us all when we embark on a new journey.  One thing I have freshly realized is, it sure is a lot easier when you have someone walking with you that has already been where you … [Read more...]

What is the Christian Life Supposed to Be?

                With all the answers that could be given to this question (i.e. love, justice, kindness, goodness, holiness, faith, good works, etc.), I believe the Christian life should be characterized and best summarized like this: The Christian Life is supposed to be a life that is continually filled, shaped, and renewed with the life and teachings of Christ.  There is no Christian life … [Read more...]