The Most Important Fulfillment Factor

                Every even somewhat healthy person wants to be personally fulfilled and successful.  No one says, “When I grow up I want to feel empty, worthless , and fail at everything I do.”  The desire to achieve something meaningful, do it well, and feel significant is in all of us.  Yet, the percentage of people who experience this on a regular basis is very small.  Some studies say up to … [Read more...]

Purpose Indicator 4 – God Encounters

       Even if a person is not “religious”, everyone has had encounters in life that have been very impacting or meaningful which they did not orchestrate.  I am obviously writing from the perspective of someone who does believe God has specific plans for us and is working to complete those plans (Ephesians 1:3-4, 2:10).        Do I believe that God orchestrates everything that happens in life?  … [Read more...]

Purpose Indicator 2 – Passion

In The Passion Plan, psychologist Richard Chang describes passion as personal intensity.  He writes, “If you have passion for something it strikes a chord in you.  It heightens your awareness, engages your attention, and kindles excitement…Passion is empowering.  You may bludgeon it, suppress it, squash it, or lose sight of it, but it is a given, a constant.  Your passion is ready and willing to … [Read more...]

Purpose Indicators-Values

            Values can be defined as the main beliefs and concepts that govern how we think and act.  Everyone has them, whether they are conscious of them or not.  When we become aware of our values and our other primary purpose indicators we make great progress.  Expert performance author and coach, John Whitmore, said the first goal of his coaching is to bring awareness.               He found … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Purpose-How it Works (Part I)

When we discover our life mission wonderful things happen: Confusion disappears and our course gets clearer Peace of mind results Harmony and alignment happen: we say “yes” to the right things and “no” to the others Accomplishment and productivity take off Meaning and significance are experienced Energy and happiness increase The world is made better If discovering our purpose was obvious then … [Read more...]

Purpose-You Can Know the Meaning of Life

Life can be incredibly confusing. Especially in the west, there are so many options in most every area of engagement. Go to the store looking for something as simple as toothpaste and there is now an entire row of options. Who knew you could do so many different things with toothpaste. On the one hand, options are great because they give us freedom, choices, and force quality improvement by … [Read more...]