Purpose Indicator 3 – Strengths

             Another primary indicator of our purpose answers this question: What am I good at?   Many of us wish we had other strengths and abilities than the ones we have, but if God really designed us and placed us here according to His wisdom and love, then the abilities we have are the right ones.  Our purpose in life will be in alignment with the abilities we have been given.             No … [Read more...]

Purpose Indicator 2 – Passion

In The Passion Plan, psychologist Richard Chang describes passion as personal intensity.  He writes, “If you have passion for something it strikes a chord in you.  It heightens your awareness, engages your attention, and kindles excitement…Passion is empowering.  You may bludgeon it, suppress it, squash it, or lose sight of it, but it is a given, a constant.  Your passion is ready and willing to … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Purpose, Part V

It is a process, embrace it. There is more than one aspect of purpose, think comprehensively. There is a unique purpose for you, celebrate it. You need outside perspective, get it. Build on a big, broad foundation. Everything solid needs a foundation to stand on.  The bigger the building the deeper, broader, and stronger the foundation must be.  The bigger the tree, the deeper the roots need to … [Read more...]