Productivity: The Best Way to Get More Done

One farmer was talking to another and said, “Did you work hard today?” “Yep”, replied the other farmer. “Did you get much done?” “Nope, I just worked hard.” If you’ve been working at all for more than a few days, you know exactly what that farmer was talking about.  There is a big, big difference in working hard and getting a lot done. There are all kinds of really good strategies … [Read more...]

The Rhythm of Achievement

The other day I had the common experience of feeling the "rhythm of the beat" of someone else's music when sitting at a stop light.  You know what I mean, my car neighbor had his music at such a high volume/bass combo that not only was his car shaking, but mine was as well. I could literally feel the the beat, the rhythm in my bones. As I sat there, it hit me that just as music has a rhythm and a … [Read more...]

Hitting the “Start Up Wall”

               I am in the process of starting a new phase of life with a new focus.  Like most new things, there is both excitement and fear.  The feelings of "this could be great" along with "what if it does not work", hits us all when we embark on a new journey.  One thing I have freshly realized is, it sure is a lot easier when you have someone walking with you that has already been where you … [Read more...]

Making Ideas Happen, III

Here are some more great quotes from Scott Belzky on how to turn ideas into reality.  The focus today is on “Action Steps.” “Brainstorming should start with a question and the goal of capturing something specific, relevant, and actionable.” “A relentless bias toward action pushes ideas forward.  For each idea, you must capture and highlight your “Action Steps.” “Stuff that is actionable must be … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Purpose-How it Works (Part I)

When we discover our life mission wonderful things happen: Confusion disappears and our course gets clearer Peace of mind results Harmony and alignment happen: we say “yes” to the right things and “no” to the others Accomplishment and productivity take off Meaning and significance are experienced Energy and happiness increase The world is made better If discovering our purpose was obvious then … [Read more...]