Purpose Indicators-Values

            Values can be defined as the main beliefs and concepts that govern how we think and act.  Everyone has them, whether they are conscious of them or not.  When we become aware of our values and our other primary purpose indicators we make great progress.  Expert performance author and coach, John Whitmore, said the first goal of his coaching is to bring awareness.               He found … [Read more...]

Primary Purpose Indicators

                To know what your purpose is or the purpose of your organization you need to work through your primary indicators, there are 4.  If needed, then work through secondary indicators.  Thankfully, there is more than one indicator of purpose.  The truth be told, when you try to get clear on your or your organization’s purpose, working through just one indicator can lead you in a wrong … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Purpose-Part III

To find out what your life purpose is, there are several things you need to understand: It is a process, so embrace it. Think comprehensively, not just about 1 or 2 aspects of life. It will be unique to you, so celebrate it. You will need outside help.                    Why do you need outside help?  Can’t you just look within and know what is in your heart? Can’t you look at what’s going on … [Read more...]

Purpose-You Can Know the Meaning of Life

Life can be incredibly confusing. Especially in the west, there are so many options in most every area of engagement. Go to the store looking for something as simple as toothpaste and there is now an entire row of options. Who knew you could do so many different things with toothpaste. On the one hand, options are great because they give us freedom, choices, and force quality improvement by … [Read more...]