I am most pleased to provide this endorsement for Mark Furlong.

I have known Mark as a friend for several years. I first met Mark when he was an associate pastor at Grace Church – Saint Louis where I have attended for more than 20 years. I always respected, learned from and enjoyed when he shared life’s lessons with me whether it was as I listened to Mark in a group setting or the many one-on-one opportunities that I was fortunate to have with him for many years.

I am equally fortunate that these one-on-one sessions have continued into the present day.

Mark is an excellent teacher, coach, mentor and writer. I recently read his latest book, Dream: How to Find a Dream Worth Following (Success Essentials for Busy People). It is splendidly written and rewardingly inspiring. I recommend it without reservation for personal growth and for all leaders…in business, home, church or community.

Mark has incredible life-coaching skills and one would be well-served to take advantage of his programs and material. You will not work with an individual who cares more for your personal well-being or with any higher level of integrity. Please take advantage of what Mark has to offer; you will not be disappointed.

I am pleased to recommend and support my friend, Mark Furlong!

Thomas J. Manenti
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
MiTek Industries, Inc.


Mark Furlong gave me and our ministry the focus and direction to enable us to move to the next level.  Mark’s humble but determined coaching style was able to help us reflect on the wins, analyze the challenges and formulate new plans and processes to achieve our next goal.  His proven personal record of accomplishment in challenging areas overseas and in a large ministry locally gained my attention.  Mark is a gifted coach and leader whether in a one-on-one coaching session, in a small group or in front of a large audience.  This is because he is an excellent writer and an engaging speaker.  .Mark has a wealth of leadership knowledge.  He is familiar with key leadership resources and the most current resources. However, he is able to discern solid leadership principles from the latest fad.  Mark believes and is passionate about coaching.  In our ministry we wanted to introduce coaching to a resistant and very independent group of leaders.  After Mark gave one 50 minute presentation to 70 of our key leaders, they were not only comfortable with coaching but saw it as a benefit.  Now I am confident we can break our numerical barrier of 600 people.  Mark will be a key resource for me personally and for our ministry in the future.

Duane Manuel
Pastor of Small Groups
First Evangelical Free Church, Manchester MO


I have known Mark for over 10 years and had the pleasure of working with him at Grace for over 6 years.  Mark was an incredible asset to our ministry team at Grace.  His strong leadership skills really helped shaped our church direction.  Mark’s leadership style is very inclusive.  I would seriously doubt if anyone on our team ever felt berated or manipulated by his suggested “course of action”.  Mark is the kind of leader that you feel honored to follow because you know that he has your best interest at heart.   You can also be assured that Mark did all of his homework before he made a recommendation.

Mark is also a great “big picture” guy.  I personally only see what is immediately ahead of me.  He has the ability to really think and see stuff way down the road.  In fact, in today’s staff meeting, we recalled a decision that Mark had made years ago that still seems to be very relevant even today.

Mark is real passionate about God’s Word, God’s Church, the lost and effective church strategies.   Because of his passions and interests,  I find it very enjoyable to hearhim teach.   And because of his high integrity, you trust the content of his messages and obviously, his actions.

Mark can effectively wear many hats when it comes to a church or a company’s leadership needs.  However, I wouldn’t suggest that neither Mark (nor I) would lead your church or companies choir!

Very Sincerely,
Mark Burgdorf
Pastoral Staff – Grace Church Saint Louis


Pastor Mark Furlong recently presented “Discovering Your Purpose” at our church. The seminar was mostly attended by young adults who felt energized by the probing questions Mark asked with regards to their finding their life’s purpose. Mark not only presents quality material for participants to digest. He also possesses a very enjoyable and welcoming manner of teaching. He is very transparent and wins people’s trust quite readily.

I highly recommend Mark and the “Discovering Your Purpose” seminar to every church. It lends itself easily to any church’s discipleship program in establishing a firm foundation in young Christians’ lives.

Fred Poston
Pastor, New Plymouth Community Church
IT Student Ministry, Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, Mo.


I´ve known Mark Furlong since 1984. – First as a member of his church in Munich, Germany and later as part of his leadership team. In 1991 Mark returned to the US and handed over the responsibility for the church to my wife and me.

Mark is a man of incredible integrity with a distinct teaching gift. His ability to draw from the depths of God´s word and make eternal truths relevant for today is remarkable. His sense of humor, great up to date examples and hands on applications make it a pleasure to sit under his ministry.

I consider it a great privilege to have been able to walk alongside such a faithful and inspiring man for a season.

Munich, March 2011
Peter-C. Soltau,
Pastor, Evangeliumszentrum


This much I know for certain:  I trust Mark Furlong like a brother.

I first met Mark in the late 1990’s, when he was an associate pastor at the church where I am a member.  I always looked forward to services when Mark was preaching.

Mark was real.  Mark was practical.  I left services where he preached feeling like his message applied to me.  Mark’s interpretation of God’s Word was something I could utilize in my Christian walk.

I’m glad to know Mark is now embarking on a career as a life coach.  It seems to me like a good fit.  Mark always was one of those rare people who had the ability to quickly surmise what my priorities are, and offer something relevant about how to get closer to my goals.  Mark is supportive and nurturing, while at the same time rooted in reality.  He helps me acknowledge that what I desire won’t happen, if I don’t follow-thru.

I know Mark would not approach life-coaching with an “agenda.”  His agenda… is your agenda.

Mark Furlong has won my respect and confidence.

Alex Fees, St. Louis Channel 5 NBC Reporter


Mark combines his training as a coach with a wide variety of ministry experiences to provide help for pastors, churches, or even congregation members who would like to work through a variety of issues in ministry, and even in life. Mark has helped us re-strategize our small group ministry, as well as consulting on discipleship development and structures.”

Jared Stoner
Senior Pastor of West County Assembly of God Church, St. Louis, Mo.


It is hard to describe the pleasure and satisfaction one feels when you have truly, positively been affected by another so that you are happier and more content with your life. It is when you truly understand how to align you talents, personality and purposes that you know what is the best life path to take. That is what Mark Furlong helped me to accomplish with his talents and abilities as a life coach. I am truly grateful to him.

Thomas Warwick
Warwick Photography


I thought that over all the presentation was great. I enjoyed the personal examples you shared and breaking down into small discussion groups after each session. Talking about what you’ve heard helps most people learn/ remember better. The format was excellent; it really didn’t feel like 3 hours. The handouts are super helpful for taking notes and are good reminders for staying on track with your goals.

Shamira Gonzalez
IT Student Ministries, Southeast Missouri State University


I really enjoyed your presentation. I had just read “The Purpose-Driven Life” and God was speaking to me about His purpose for my life. Then I went to your presentation and I received some practical advice, especially on developing a mission statement. When you asked us to list different areas, like our passions, encouraging moments, and life-changing messages we’ve heard from God, I really started to put everything together. I’ve already got a rough draft of my mission statement, and God later gave me a more detailed plan. Thank you so much for coming and talking about our purpose!

Rachel Weatherford
IT Student Ministry President
SPJ Vice President
Arrow Lead Page Designer
KRCU Intern


I can’t say enough about his outstanding teaching ability, and enthusiasm for the word of God. I can always count on Mark to mentor us with his Christian knowledge, and experience. He exhibits very strong leadership skills as well.  He always displays excellent knowledge and is dedicated to his job. I have been very fortunate, to have been taught, and mentored by Mark Furlong.

Jim Troxel, Director of Transportation for a St. Louis School District